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Building a home for themselves is one of the most complex and important tasks that a person undertakes in his lifetime. In fact, all throughout the world, especially in Nepal, a person is not considered to be successful till the time he has a home of his/hers’ own. Some people like to take the seemingly easy route towards this aim, by buying a flat. This route can be termed as easy but at the same time provides limited possibilities with respect to the amount of customizability and personality infusion that can be done. People who are more adventurous by nature and like to see things exactly how they want it, choose the path of building their own home.
Building your own home gives you a lot of freedom, having to start practically from scratch, you can do as much research as you want, get customized floor plan made to suit your requirements, get you own façade designed to show your personality, get the interiors done to show your style and taste in things, and then you can drill deep down into the details of all of these aspects till the time you don’t see a home about which you have always dreamed of.
The whole journey of building a home is usually a very emotionally charged time for any family. The rush of emotions can be felt on both the positive and negative side of the spectrum. Whether the emotions will be dominantly positive or negative is more or less dependent on the performance of the builder.
People have different personal lifestyle needs; and the other reasons behind the construction of their homes. For instance, a person may feel that he/she needs a spacious house for efficient family activities; while another person will just need a luxury vacation home for a temporal stay over the winter season. Therefore, the architectural design and style for the houses of such persons will be completely different.
However, despite the variances in architectural designs, styles and needs of these different groups of people; the different housing units built must have several basic features/facilities that generate the comfort; as well as satisfaction desired from any good shelter.
I personally dive deep down and understand how the emotions and dreams of my clients are at each phase of the home building process and this is the most beautiful part of my work.